30 Hilarious Pregnancy Brain Moments

Pregnancy brain can strike at any time, sometimes the outcome is quite humorous. These are real stories from moms-to-be around the world.

1. I tried to plug my phone charger into a Butterfinger.

2. I got really upset when I hit the unlock button on my keyring and my car wouldn't unlock. I started trying to get my key in the keyhole when a little old lady yelled at me to get away from her car. It was only then that I realized that not only was it not my car, but I hadn't even owned a car that color in over two years.

4. I had a serious craving for some garlic bread so I got some from the store and came home to put it in the oven. I completely forgot about it until smoke filled my entire kitchen.

5. I tossed my dog a dryer sheet before walking out of the house instead of a dog biscuit. Fail.

6. I put my keys in the butter tray in the fridge and locked myself out my apartment with a stick of butter… it was December…

7. I put my phone in the dishwasher. I even moved dishes to fit it in. I was really confused when the dishwasher started ringing. I'm just glad I didn't turn it on!

8. I filled up my car with gas and then could not find my keys. Turns out, I had thrown them in the trash at the gas station and had to dig them out.

9. I baked a cake for my mother-in-law's birthday. I cut and served more than half of it before realizing I never lit the candles or sang her "Happy Birthday."

10. My boss introduced me to a really important client at the beginning of a big meeting. I shook his hand but could not remember my own name. My boss had to chime in for me.

11. I forgot I had already opened my iced tea, so I went to 'shake well' before I took a drink, but ended up showering myself and my computer in tea.

12. I tried using my car's unlock button to open the front door.

13. I found a pair of scissors in the refrigerator this morning.

14. I had a fast food craving so I headed for a drive-thru. I paid at the first window, but just drove right past the second one. I made it home before I realized I forgot to pick up my food.

15. I couldn't think of the word for grocery store, so I told my husband I had to go to the lime store.

16. I got into the shower with my bra still on.

17. I texted my friend to let her know I wouldn't be able to make it to her party. Apparently, I had already missed it a week before. Oops.

18. I made a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, only, I forgot the cheese.

19. I asked my husband if we should use a condom just to be safe... I was seven months pregnant.

20. I accidentally used the bar soap as shampoo.

21. I was at the store the other day when I noticed a lady following me around. Annoyed, I turned and asked her what she wanted. She then let me know, I had taken her shopping cart by mistake.

22. I tried getting out of the car while it was still in gear.

23. I started the washing machine, but I forgot to put the clothes in.

24. When the lady at the counter tried to take my order, I gave her my cell phone number. She was as confused as I was.

25. I poured my soda over my salad instead of the dressing.

26. I drove 40 minutes to work only to realize I didn't have any shoes.

27. I yelled at my husband for loosing our daughter's toy. He started laughing at me which made me even angrier. When I finally asked him what was so funny, he responded, "look at your hand." Yep, it was in my hand the whole time.

28. I put lotion on my toothbrush instead of toothpaste. Yuck!

29. I put cereal in the dog's bowl and dog food in my bowl.

30. My husband begged me to bake him his favorite cookies. After awhile he asked me why they weren't done yet. I checked them again but they were still raw. I hadn't turned the oven on yet.

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