Benefits of Babywearing

Babies are hardwired to crave close contact with their caregiver.  They spent 9 months in a warm, safe haven, listening to mother's heartbeat and suddenly they make their grand appearance into this cold, new world.  Babywearing can provide babies with that much needed closeness.  Babywearing is not a new trend; women around the world have been wearing babies for thousands of years. Babywearing has numerous benefits for both baby and parents.

Benefits for Babies

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  • Less fussy and more content.  A study published in the Pediatrics journal showed that babies who were worn reduced crying by up to 51%.
  • Because the baby is happy, he or she will spend more time in a quiet, alert state and thus has more time to learn and interact with their environment.
  • Decreases the risk of SIDS and flat-head syndrome.
  • Promotes neural development, respiratory and gastrointestinal health, and aides in balance.
  • Promotes longer periods of sleep.  The babywearing community often refers to 'sleepy dust' overcoming their babies and toddlers while being worn, as they often fall right to sleep.
  • Babies are able to see the world from your perspective.  Worn babies are closer to people and able to study body language and facial expressions.

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Benefits for Parents
  • Increases the bond between baby and wearer, whether that be mom, dad or another caregiver and helps you to read baby's cues better.
  • Gives the parent two free hands, making day-to-day tasks much easier, such as laundry or grocery shopping.
  • Many carries are easily compatible with breastfeeding.  Breast milk production is also increased due to the closeness of the baby.
  • Babywearing is fun!  There are lots of different types and styles of carriers that can be used and nothing can replace the closeness you'll feel to your baby.

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