Co-Sleeping Saved my Sanity

The media likes to use scare tactics to control the way we care of our children.  Someone once sent me this so called "Public Service Announcement" showing a woman sleeping in bed with a doll and repeatedly rolling on top of the doll during the night and talking about the danger of suffocating your own children if you bed share with them. Our pediatrician also insists that babies have to sleep in their own bed because co-sleeping is just too dangerous.  I won't lie, it had me nervous and I was determined to make sure my baby girl slept in her own bassinet. 

That lasted right up until our very first night home from the hospital.  Every time our precious baby was set down in the bassinet, she was instantly awake and crying.  We were on our third night of no sleep and I was recovering from a c-section, so the getting up and down from bed thing just wasn't happening.  Finally, my husband brought our adorable little swaddled newborn into the bed with us and she instantly fell back to sleep.  I was still terrified, but that night all three of us slept so much better that we've co-slept every night since.

Co-sleeping gave me precious extra hours of shut eye.  Our little one also started sleeping for longer stretches, soon sleeping up to 7 hours straight, tucked in between us.  When she does wake up, all I have to do is roll over and stick a boob in her mouth and she and I can both drift right back to sleep.  

And as she has gotten older, she hasn't become some little monster who can't sleep without her parents.  Every night, I cuddle and nurse her to sleep, then transfer her to her own crib.  My husband and I get 7-8 hours of alone time before she wakes up to feed, which is when she comes to bed share with us for the rest of the night, where we can nurse and sleep until morning.

There are some limitations to co-sleeping.  I would never recommend co-sleeping after drinking alcohol, taking medications that cause drowsiness or in cases of extreme exhaustion where you might not wake up if something were to happen.  However, if everyone is sleeping better by bed sharing, then everyone will be happier, healthier and be able to function better the next day.  Co-sleeping absolutely saved my sanity, especially in those difficult first few weeks with the newborn.

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