Surviving the First Week with a Newborn

Survival Mode. That's exactly what your body goes into when you are running on no sleep, don't remember when you had your last shower and feel your stress level rising by the second. But there are a few tips for making that first week just a little bit easier so you're better able to appreciate every moment with that tiny bundle of joy.

Prepare Freezer Meals

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to prepare some meals in advance. There are great resources online for recipes that freeze well and will be simple to reheat. When your every moment is consumed with caring for that tiny little baby, it can seem impossible to find the time or to even remember to eat. But eating a healthy diet is essential for you to be able to provide your baby with the best possible care. So go buy a bunch of Tupperware and ingredients and start cooking! Then, you'll have a freezer full of meals that you can just pop in the microwave and eat.

Accept Help

Many new parents begin to think they need to be supermom or superdad. But in reality, we all could use a little help. So if a trusted friend, family member or even your spouse is willing to watch the baby for a little while, let them and go take a shower and a nap. Seriously, you'll need it. People also may be willing to help bring meals, clean around the house or run errands for you. Don't be afraid to say yes! This will make your first week with your newborn much more enjoyable. Also, don't be afraid to set boundaries. If guests have overstayed their welcome, it's okay to to tell them that the baby and you need your rest and politely dismiss them. 

Leave the Dishes

And the dusting and the scrubbing and the laundry and anything else you are possibly able to put off. Your house does not need to be spotless, even if people are coming over to see the baby. Seriously, just leave it. If the baby is asleep, go take a nap, the dishes can wait. It's a good idea to give the house a good cleaning before baby arrives, so you don't have to sweat it when (s)he's here.

Take Care of Yourself

In order to provide the best possible care for the baby, you also have to take care of yourself. Enlist the help of your mate or a friend or take advantage of those moments when your baby may be asleep and get yourself bathed, fed and rested. Only when you are in a good place can you truly enjoy those precious moments with your little one. And they do fly by before you know it.

Don't Hold Grudges or Keep Score

All kinds of things can come out of your mouth when it's 3 a.m., you're sleep deprived, the baby is crying and you're changing what feels like your hundredth diaper for the day. Stress is running high and no one benefits from that. You and your partner are a team and need to act like one. Offer help and forgiveness when appropriate. Don't nitpick at the way the other person changes a diaper our rocks the baby. Don't keep track of how many diapers each of you changed that day. It won't help anything.

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