The Third Trimester

Development of Your Baby

During this third trimester the baby will be able to see and hear. He or she may even react to light, temperature changes or loud noises. The brain continues its development and the kidneys and lungs continue maturing. The baby’s skull remains soft in order to more easily pass through the birth canal and the baby may begin to lower itself into position. The baby will be working on his or her reflexes, sucking on its thumb, swallowing amniotic fluid and even crying.
In the final weeks of pregnancy, the soft hair called lanugo has disappeared almost completely and the baby will be covered in the vernix caseosa. By the last couple weeks the baby should be in a head down position and lowering towards the birth canal.

Changes in the Mother

During this third trimester, mothers often experience discomfort in the form of back pain, leg cramps, frequent urination, hot flashes, Braxton-Hicks contractions and general uncomfortableness. Hair may grow faster or in new places due to increased levels of hormones. Stretch marks may appear or worsen and the skin may be dry and itchy. Constipation, hemorrhoids, heartburn and indigestion are common third trimester complaints and your breasts may leak colostrum. As the due date rapidly approaches it’s good to prepare by educating yourself on labor and childbirth and perhaps even taking some classes. Before you know it, you’ll be holding your precious little newborn in your arms.

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