What to Pack in a Hospital Bag for a C-Section

Before having my first child I scoured the internet for articles and checklists to figure out what to pack in the hospital bag. By the time we arrived for our scheduled c-section, I had an overstuffed bag filled with "necessities" that I never even used.  Here are the things that were actually useful during my stay:

  • Insurance info, hospital forms and ID - Having all these filled out and ready made the check in process smooth and easy at the hospital.

  • Phone Charger/Phone - This may be an obvious one, but chargers are easy to forget!  We used our phones for pictures, announcing her birth and keeping friends and family informed, as well as fielding visitors. 

  • Non-Skid Slippers - I bought the most comfortable pair of fuzzy slippers and they definitely got their use.  My feet were so swollen they barely fit, but they came in handy when the nurses made me get up and walk around despite the agony of just having had surgery.

  • Quarters - We brought a whole roll of quarters to use in the vending machines for snacks.

  • Toiletries - The day after the c-section the nurses told me I had to take a shower and remove the bandages.  Although I didn't bother washing my hair, it was nice to have some body wash and deodorant.  Toothpaste and a toothbrush are a necessity.  A hair brush and hair ties will also come in handy, as well as some chap-stick and lotion.

  • Nursing Bras and Pads - Wearing real clothes instead of the hospital gown made me feel much more human.  I also brought a nursing night gown which was perfect for ease of use and comfortability.  The pads are useful for the leaky boobs that accompany nursing.

  • Coming Home Outfit for Baby - During your stay, your baby should be provided with clothes, blankets, diapers and wipes, but you'll need something cute for your little one to come home in!

  • Coming Home Outfit for Yourself - Choose something comfortable that won't rub on your c-section incision.  Maternity clothes are ideal, as you will still be pregnant-sized and they typically have soft material over the belly.
Things I packed that never got used: Extra pillows and blankets, hair dryer and straightener, shampoo and conditioner, handheld video games and books (we thought we'd need entertainment, but every moment that we weren't taking care of our baby girl was spent sleeping),  extra underwear (you'll want to wear the mesh underwear the hospital gives you).

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