10 Items Worth Buying at the Dollar Store

The dollar store offers a wide variety items from medicine to personal hygiene to automotive. Some items are definite money savers, while others are not worth buying from dollar stores. Below we've listed 10 items that are cost effective when buying from the dollar store.
1. Cleaning Chemicals. Glass, toilet, tile, carpet cleaners and more can all be found at the dollar store. They work just as well as the name brands in the grocery store, but for a fraction of the price.
2. Cleaning Supplies. Along with cleaning chemicals, dollar stores tend to carry a wide array of cleaning supplies. Brooms, dustpans, latex gloves, sponges, toilet brushes, dish soaps and more can all be found for just a dollar a piece. With prices like these you'll have no excuse not to have a clean home.
2. Shaving cream. With options for both ladies and men, including different scents, dollar store shaving cream can be a money saver. Options in the store can run up to $6 sometimes, and we've found that the dollar store versions often last even longer than the brands found at other stores and they get the job done.
3. Bubble Bath. With a range of relaxing scents available in both bubble bath and bath bombs, it's never been cheaper to treat yourself to a decadent, relaxing soak in the tub.
4. Pregnancy Tests. Just as effective as the name brand versions, these can predict pregnancy with 99% accuracy. Although other brands may be able to predict pregnancy a week or so earlier, they can cost over $20. This means huge savings when purchasing from the dollar store.

5. Candy. From candy bars to movie theater style boxes to packages of cookies, the dollar store is full of a range of your favorite candies. And many dollar stores offer these items for less than $1.00 meaning big savings, especially compared to the prices movie theaters try to charge.
6. Dishware and Glassware. Plates, bowls, mugs, drinking glasses, even wine glasses can all be purchased at dollar stores. We've found that they are excellent in quality and even offer a nice selection of different colors and patterns. It can be remarkably affordable to have an entire matching set for your table.
7. Cards. Cards for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and more are all available at the dollar store. They are typically $0.50 a card. Compared to the $3-6 they cost at other stores, this means you're saving quite a bit when it comes to those special events.
8. Candles and Candle Holders. The dollar stores offer a range of candle scents, colors and shapes to add a pleasant aroma and nice ambiance to your home. There are also a variety of candle holders available to display said candles in your home.
9. Measuring Cups. At the dollar store you can find various sizes of measuring comes. Often in sets of 4 and costing only a dollar for the set, they measure just as well as any of their more expensive counterparts. They also offer name brand ones, such as Betty Crocker. The only negative aspect to these measuring cups that we've found is that the text can start to wear off after many washes in the dishwasher. For us, it took about 2 years for the wear and tear to show and it doesn't effect their usage. Definitely a worthy investment for the kitchen!
10. Party Supplies. Paper plates, ribbons, cups, napkins, streamers, gift bags and more can be found at the dollar store in color coordinating sets. These one time use items work just fine for their purpose and can be a bit cheaper than at the party stores. They even offer decorations for occasions such as baby showers. 

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