10 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives

Having a baby is the most incredible, wonderful thing in the world.  However, the first three months after baby has arrived, known as the fourth trimester, are hard.  There's no sugar coating that.  You may find yourself in survival mode, when you're running on no sleep and your entire life revolves around a tiny helpless and adorable infant.  There are a few things you should make sure to do before baby arrives, while you still have time and your sanity.

1.Go on a date.  Babies put a strain on any relationship and it's vitally important to spend time with your significant other.  Date nights will be much harder to come by once baby is here, so take advantage of the time you have now.

2.Take a vacation.  If you are able to get away, then do it!  Vacations will be much more difficult and stressful once you have a little one in tow, so relax and enjoy the peace and quiet while you can.

3. Pack your hospital bag. Sometime in your third trimester, you'll want to make sure your hospital bag is packed and ready to go.  Any items that you can't pack in advance, make a list and keep it next to the bag so they can be thrown in at the last minute.

4. Prepare freezer meals. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to prepare some meals in advance. There are great resources online for recipes that freeze well and will be simple to reheat. When your every moment is consumed with caring for that tiny little baby, it can seem impossible to find the time or to even remember to eat. But eating a healthy diet is essential for you to be able to provide your baby with the best possible care. 

5. Clean the house.  Once baby arrives there are much more important ways to spend your time than cleaning.  Your time will be consumed with taking care of baby and yourself. Even though you're uncomfortable in your third trimester, it's a really good idea to give the house a nice deep cleaning, because once baby is born, all bets are off.

6. Install the car seat and get it checked.  Car seats can be difficult to figure out and car seat safety is extremely important.  Make sure your cat seat is properly installed by getting it checked at your local fire department. 

7. Wash baby clothes, blankets, sheets, etc.  Everything needs to be washed (in a baby safe detergent) before touching baby's skin.  Have a laundry day and wash baby's clothes, blankets, sheets, changing pad covers, etc. so that you're not doing loads of laundry once baby is here.

8. Prepare the nursery. Most women go through a nesting phase during pregnancy, where they want to get everything set up for baby's grand arrival.  Make sure baby has a safe place to sleep, get changed and fed and that the nursery is well stocked with diapers and wipes.

9. Take a class. There are a number of classes available for mothers to take during pregnancy, including child birth, child care, breastfeeding and more.  Getting as much education as possible will help you to prepare for your little one's arrival.

10. Sleep. Yes, the third trimester comes with it's difficulties getting sleep.  But any opportunity that presents itself for some extra shut eye, take it and enjoy it while you can.

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