5 Weird Things About Newborns that Every First Time Mom Should Know

Before baby arrives, you prepare, prepare and prepare again.  You read the books, google your questions and even ask other mom's what to expect.  No matter how much preparation you may do, there will still be a few surprises along the way.  Here are a few things every first time mom should know before baby arrives that might surprise you otherwise.

Baby joints pop and crack... a lot.  Although it may seem like it, you're not harming your baby every time you get them dressed or pick them up.  Their shoulders in particular seem to pop quite often, but baby is perfectly okay.

Newborn girls can have bloody discharge similar to a period. Mother transfers a lot of hormones to baby's body.  This can trigger a bloody discharge.  It can be quite alarming to change a newborn's diaper and find pink or red drops, but it is perfectly normal.  Newborn boys can get erections at any time, particularly before peeing.  Always be prepared to cover him up when changing diapers as they seem to have a propensity for spraying their parents.

Baby's skin may flake off.  After spending nine months in a warm, wet environment, baby is thrust out into the dry cold world.  This can cause some of the top layers of the baby's skin to dry up and flake off.  It may look worrisome, but it's just another perfectly normal thing newborns do.  

Breastfeeding will hurt the first few weeks.  Many people purport that if it hurts, you're doing it wrong, but that is a horrible lie.  You may experience quite a bit of pain, along with cracked or bleeding nipples.  Keep the lanolin handy.

About 50% of all newborns get Erythema toxicum, or newborn rash. It sounds horrible, but fortunately it is harmless. It is small, yellow or white bumps surrounded by red skin anywhere on the baby's body, except the palms of the hands or soles of the feet.  It does not hurt or itch and does not need any treatment and can come and go for the first several months of your baby's life. Of course, it's important to let your pediatrician diagnose any rashes.

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