4 Exercises for a Healthy Pregnancy

Exercise has numerous benefits during pregnancy.  The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends pregnant women exercise at least 30 minutes a day most days of the week.  Exercise enhances self-image, improves sleep and reduces the typical pregnancy aches and pains. It may also reduce the amount of time you spend in labor.  

Check with your doctor before starting an exercise regimen and never push yourself too hard.  The goal is to maintain fitness, not train for a marathon.

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Swimming is the ultimate pregnancy workout.  It takes the stress off your joints, allows a wider range of motion, and works more muscles than other exercises.  Especially when you're far along in your pregnancy and the weight of your bump is putting pressure on your back and body, there are few things as wonderful feeling as the weightlessness you can experience in the pool.

In the pool, you can swim, walk  or do aerobics.  It is one of the safest exercises to do while pregnant, just avoid jumping in or diving and skip the hot tub, as that could put the baby at risk.  


Walking is a great cardiovascular workout without putting too much stress on your knees and ankles.  It doesn't require special equipment, besides a good pair of shoes, can be done almost anywhere and through all nine months of pregnancy.  If you were a runner pre-pregnancy you can do some jogging as well, just make sure to warm up and cool down properly.

Good, supportive shoes are important when walking or jogging.  Remember, your feet may swell late in pregnancy so you may have to go up half a shoe size.  Never push yourself to the point of exhaustion.  Your center of gravity will change which can effect your balance.  Try walking on flat, smooth surfaces to prevent yourself from falling.


Prenatal yoga can maintain your flexibility and balance, while strengthening your core muscles.  Practicing yoga can also help you relax which can help with the third trimester insomnia and help during labor.  

Avoid poses that make it difficult to balance in order to avoid falling.  Don't overstretch your muscles or you may risk injury.

Weight Training

If weight training is a part of your exercise regimen, there's no reason to stop now.  Strengthening your muscles can help prevent injuries during pregnancy and prepare you for the constant carrying your baby in your arms after birth.

Reduce the amount of weight you would normally lift and increase repetitions.  Practice good technique with proper breathing and form.  Never push yourself to lift more weight than you can.

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