5 Reasons Why Moms Love Target

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It's no secret, moms love Target.  Walking through the doors under the familiar red lettering almost makes me giddy with excitement. Why is it so freaking awesome?  

1. Starbucks in-store.  Really, what's better than sipping some Starbucks and doing some shopping. Mmm coffee.
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2. Great selection.  From clothes to toiletries to electronics to sports gear, Target is a one stop shopping center with merchandise for all ages.  Their clothes are trendy and affordable without sacrificing quality.


3. Good deals on diapers.  Target's house brand, Up & Up is a great option for affordable diapers and wipes and they often run promotions where you can get a $10 gift card for buying two large boxes.

4. The Cartwheel app.  Target's app has coupons for everything from groceries to baby items and they change regularly.  The app is a great money saver for moms.

5. They know what's up.  That's right, Target knows their target audience (puns always intended.)  They keep the coffee and wine in the same aisle for every mom's convenience.

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