5 Things Non-Parents Take for Granted

There are a few things in life I wished I had taken the time to enjoy more.  My daughter is worth missing out on these things 100 times over, but there are some things we definitely take for granted before we become parents.

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 1. Sleep. Perhaps this one is a bit obvious, but really I regret all of those late night parties from my younger, pre-baby years, when I could have been getting precious sleep instead.

2. Time to Workout.  Besides missing out on all that sleep, I really regret all those days I was too lazy to get my butt to the gym. I would go now, but seriously I'm running on 4 hours of sleep.

3. Going Out to Eat.  It is possible to go out to eat with a little one in tow, but it's a lot more difficult this way.  Time is spent switching out toys, keeping table items out of reach, changing diapers and baby feeding sessions, instead of being able to relax and enjoy the food.  And god forbid the baby cries in a restaurant.
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4.  Going to the Movies. As a spontaneous person, I would love meeting up with my friends on a whim to see the latest movies, even sometimes going to the midnight premiers (why wasn't I sleeping!?) But if I want to see a movie now, I have to find a sitter, which isn't always possible on short notice.

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5. Sex. Sure, sex still happens after having a baby, but it's rushed, quiet, let's-do-this-before-she-wakes-up sex.  Non-parents get to enjoy taking their time and being as loud as they want.

Bonus: Using the Bathroom Alone. Seriously, enjoy it while you can.

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