5 Ways Having a Baby Changes You

1. Bodily fluids will no longer gross you out.  The first several weeks after baby is born, you'll be dealing with breast milk, postpartum bleeding, spit up, pee and poop.  As the months go on, you'll spend time examining poop to make sure it's 'normal' and wiping stuffy noses.

2. Modesty goes right out the window.  Giving birth is a less than modest experience.  The hospital where my c-section took place was a teaching hospital, so my hoo-haa was on display for a dozen med students and professionals as the nurse catheterized me.  I can't even count how many people have seen my boobs while breastfeeding from the nurses at the hospital to the guy who approached me in a parking lot trying to replace my windshield.

3. Your body will never be the same.  Stretch marks, flab, saggy boobs and scars can make one self-conscious, but that body grew a human being and that is freaking beautiful mama.

4.  You learn just how little sleep the human body can survive on.  Seriously, it's amazing how little sleep a person can get and yet still keep trucking on.  Once you become a parent, there's no such thing as sleeping in anymore.

5. You come to know a love like no other.  There is no love like the love a mother has for her child.  I amazed every day when I feel like my heart is so full it could burst, but I still manage to love my beautiful baby more and more.  Having a baby is no doubt the most difficult and most amazing thing anyone can do.

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