How to Throw a Baby Shower That Doesn't Suck

Baby showers are notorious for being boring and long.  There are a few ways to make your shower not suck and make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Make it Co-ed

Sticking a bunch of women together in a room, who often have nothing in common besides knowing the mother-to-be, makes for a not very fun party.  Invite both men and women and let women bring their significant other.  This will make the party more interesting and people more likely to mingle.

Ditch the Stupid Games

Not being able to say "baby", sniffing fake poopy diapers, guessing the size of the woman's belly, they've been done a million times and can be gross and/or offensive.  Just skip the stupid games.  Instead, do something creative and practical, like a onesie decorating station.  This is more entertaining for guests, and leaves the parents-to-be with lots of fun outfits for baby to wear.
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Have Booze and Good Food Available

Just because the guest of honor can't drink, doesn't mean the guests shouldn't be able to.  Alcohol livens up any party.  No one wants to pick off cheese, crackers and a veggie tray.  Have some good, substantial food available to keep guests full and happy.

Skip the Gift Unwrapping Ceremony

This part takes forever and it incredibly boring for guests.  No one wants to watch someone open bottles, clothes and blankets for hours.  Invite guests to bring unwrapped gifts instead and let them know that there won't be a big unwrapping ceremony.  It saves everyone time and people can still admire all the gifts.
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