22 Lessons About Pregnancy and Parenting from Friends

1. Babies really squish your bladder.

2. That means a whole lot of bathroom trips.

3. Food aversions can make meal time difficult.

4. But satisfying a pregnancy craving feels so good.

5. Condoms are not always effective.

6. The third trimester is extremely uncomfortable, especially if you are overdue.

7. Nine months of caffeine free sobriety is just too long.

8. Agreeing on a name isn't always easy.

9.  Never leave baby alone on the changing table.

10. We all have doubts as to whether or not we're prepared for our first baby.

11.  Labor isn't the same for everyone and can last for days.

12. Labor is hard.  One of the hardest things you'll do.


13. Babies look kinda gross when they come out. 

14. Breastfeeding doesn't always come naturally.


  15. But it is beautiful and natural.

16. Never wake a sleeping baby.
17. There will be lots of diaper changes.

 18. Never microwave breast milk.

19. Breast milk tastes pretty good... and it's okay to try it.

20.  Toys shouldn't be gender specific.

 21. Maternity leave is NOT a vacation.

 22. Parents will do anything to get a smile.

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