6 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong with a New Baby

Marriage changes once a baby comes into the picture, that much is true.  However, a new baby doesn't have to put a strain on your relationship. Relationships take work and it's important to continue working at strengthening your marriage once your little one arrives.
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Make Time for Dates

It is hard to find time for yourselves once a baby arrives, but it is vitally important for your marriage.  Find a trusted friend or family member who is willing to help or hire a babysitter.  You won't just find time to spend together, you have to make the time.  Spend the time together enjoying one another's company and rekindling your relationship.

Communicate Regularly

Good communication is a foundation for a healthy marriage.  Make time to communicate, not just your problems but to give positive praise regarding ways you appreciate and are thankful for your partner.  Be direct and avoid passive aggressive tendencies which help no one.  Find ways to communicate without yelling, whether it be verbal or written word.


All kinds of things can come out of your mouth when it's 3 a.m., you're sleep deprived, the baby is crying and you're changing what feels like your hundredth diaper for the day. Stress is running high and no one benefits from that.  Your spouse may very well say things they don't mean, but remember that it goes both ways.  No one is perfect and in this world, we have to be forgiving and avoid holding grudges.  Love doesn't keep score.

Enjoy Intimacy

Intimacy is important in any marriage.  It can be hard to start having sex again after having a baby.  You should be gentle with yourself and not rush into anything you're not ready for.  There are a number of ways to enjoy intimacy sexual and nonsexual.  Spend time touching, cuddling, massaging, etc. and see where it may lead.  Make time for intimacy, possibly even scheduling specific times or taking advantage of baby's nap times.  Don't leave yourself or your partner lacking.

Pray Together

Spirituality is essential to some.  Strengthen your marriage by strengthening your spirituality.  Spend time together praying, studying the bible or otherwise giving praise.

Share Responsibilities

Marriage is not one-sided.  Having a baby adds a whole new dimension to household responsibilities.  Adding too much responsibility to one partner can leave them feeling overwhelmed and under loved.  Whether it's cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, working or something else, offer your help and ask for help when you need it. 

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