10 Awesome Freebies for Moms

**We've added two NEW freebies to our list!  Check out number 9 and 10 on this post!**

As a mom who loves a good deal, there's nothing that gets me more excited than the word FREE.  Coffee and Wine Mom got an exclusive promo code for the following sites where you can claim your own freebies.  These 8 freebies are a real score, since they're good quality, everyday use items.  Share this code with your friends and family and claim your free items today!

1. CarseatCanopy.com These car seat canopies are perfect for giving baby shade from the sun and protection from the elements.  It's not too heavy for summer time use and not too thin for winter use.  The car seat canopy comes in a ton of super cute, trendy prints and has a soft minky interior.  It fits all makes and models of infant carriers and best of all, it's machine washable! Get a free car seat canopy by using code COFFEEMOM1

2. UdderCovers.com These nursing covers are perfect for the breastfeeding mom.  They're made of 100% cotton, so they are breathable in the hot summer months.  They have stainless steel rings that adjust to fit you and your little one.  And my favorite feature is the rigid neckline which lets you have eye contact with your baby while nursing.  This feature helps baby not to feel covered, but still provides mom with the privacy she wants.  There are a variety of appealing prints available. Get your free nursing cover by using code COFFEEMOM1


3. NursingPillow.com A nursing pillow is a must-have for breastfeeding moms.  Nursing pillows help to get optimum positioning with minimal effort.  There are a number of delightful prints available as well as the option to upgrade to minky and to add embroidery.  Get your free nursing pillow by using code COFFEEMOM1


4. SevenSlings.com Babywearing has numerous benefits for both mother and baby.  These slings are the pouch sling type made from 97% cotton and 3% lycra.  They can be used up to 35 pounds and are machine washable.  My seven sling is my favorite around-the-house sling for a side carry due to it's easiness to use.  Get your free baby sling by using code COFFEEMOM1


5.  BabyLeggings.com Baby leggings are the perfect stylish accessory to accentuate any outfit.  They are great because they protect baby's legs from hard floors or carpet burns when they're learning to crawl.  With baby leggings, you can change their diaper without having to remove pants.  They are also great for layering in cold months.  Get 5 free pairs of baby leggings by using code COFFEEMOM1


6. BreastPads.com Washable, reusable breast pads are an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to the disposable kind.  They are 5 ply to absorb leaking and prevent embarrassing moments.  The 100% cotton pads are comfortable and machine washable. Get 10 free pairs of breast pads by using code COFFEEMOM1

7. BellyButtonBand.com This maternity band is great both during and after pregnancy to help you to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans.  The Belly Button Band attaches to your jeans, allowing your jeans to expand with your growing belly.  It can extend or eliminate the need to buy maternity jeans and the need for in between sizes as you shrink down post-pregnancy.  It is available in 6 different colors to coordinate with your outfits. The Belly Button Body covers your whole belly and back.  Get 2 free Belly Button Bands or 1 free Belly Button Body with promo code COFFEEMOM1


8. BabsyBooks.com You can never have enough baby books for story time. These particular baby books are design specifically based on proven research in early childhood education, oral language development and age-appropriate brain development from birth to age three and up.  Get 5 free baby board books with promo code COFFEEMOM1

9. RuffleBuns.com There's nothing cuter than baby buns... except for baby buns with ruffles!  Check out the great selection of ruffle buns, with cute color combos, a variety of fabric options and adorable prints!  Get 3 free Ruffle Buns by using code COFFEEMOM1

10.  EskimoKids.com  Keep your little one warm and stylish this winter with these cute faux fur hats from Eskimo Kids.  Check out the website for an adorable selection for boys, girls and even adults!  Get a free faux fur hat by using code COFFEEMOM1

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