Tips for Flying with a Baby

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Flying with a baby can be a great source of stress and anxiety.  Other passengers will probably give you dirty looks, and other parents may give you sympathetic glances.  No one likes to listen to a baby crying on a plane.  There are a few ways to make travel as pain and cry free as possible with a baby.

1. Babywear. Check the cumbersome stroller and wear baby through the airport. This will leave your hands free to carry other things and will make baby comfortable and secure against your body. 

2. Overpack. Bring more diapers, wipes and baby food than you think you'll need. There could always be unexpected delays or stops and you don't want to run out of essentials mid-flight.  Do not forget to pack an extra outfit or two in case of a blowout or leaky diaper.

3. Give the baby a bottle or pacifier during take off and landing. This will help baby to equalize the pressure in her ears and hopefully prevent any pain or screaming.

4. Dress baby in layers. This way you can remove or add clothing depending on the cabin temperature or the temperature of your destination.

5. Pack some entertaining toys. This will help keep baby entertained throughout the flight and fend off boredom.

6. Seating selection. Make sure to check in to the flight early online and choose the optimal seats. You'll definitely want an aisle seat and it can be a good idea to get seats across the aisle from each other to take turns holding and getting up with the baby.

7. Travel during nap times. If at all possible, try to book flights that coincide with nap times. A sleeping baby will be much easier to handle on a flight.

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