What Does a Stay-At-Home Mom Do All Day?

"What do you do all day?" is perhaps the most infuriating question that every stay at home mom gets asked.  It's not necessarily the question itself, but the implication that stay at home moms must have so much free time on their hands. So I decided to record everything I accomplished in the 9 hours at home with my 6 month old while my husband was at work and commuting to answer the question once and for all.
  • 6 diaper changes
  • 5 breastfeeding sessions
  • 3 coffee reheats
  •  2 attempts to get baby to eat some solid food
  • 1 bath time because food ended up in baby's hair instead of baby's mouth
  • 1 half hour spent trying to get a fussy baby to take a freaking nap
  • 1 load of dishes washed
  • Sink immediately refilled with dirty dishes from cooking lunch
  • 1 episode of Friends watched while shoveling in food before baby wakes up
  • 1 floor sweep, because baby tried to eat something off the floor
  • 2 baby books read
  • 3 times wiping away tears because: 1. she fell while trying to stand up on furniture; 2. I wouldn't let her play with an outlet; and 3. I tried going to the bathroom by myself, silly me

Things I didn't get to do that I wish I had time for:
  • Take a shower
  • Drink my coffee while it was still hot
  • Take a nap 
  • Open a bottle of wine

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