10 Ways Dad Can Help a New Mom

There is nothing as hard, scary and wonderful as entering into parenthood.  Being a new mom is particularly exhausting and stressful in the first few months when her body is recovering from 40 weeks of growing a human being, giving birth and establishing a breastfeeding relationship.

The marriage can be strained when neither spouse is getting enough sleep and tensions are running high.  Here are ten things dads can do for new moms that are sure to make her swoon.

1. Tell her to take a nap while you take the baby for a walk. Chances are, she is severely sleep deprived and few things would make her happier than getting a little sleep.  Her motherly instincts will have her jumping out of bed the second she hears the baby make a peep, so to help her get some good quality rest, take the baby for a walk and enjoy some fresh air.  Happy wife, happy life.

2. Draw her a hot bath.  Taking care of a baby can be gross.  At any given moment you may find yourself covered in pee, poop, spit up, breast milk or a lovely combination of them all and odds are, you don't remember the last time your wife took a shower. Taking care of a baby is also stressful, especially in the newborn stage.  Mom would definitely appreciate a nice hot bath to de-stress and clean up a bit. Just make sure she is allowed to take baths.

3. Make her dinner.  Spend an evening whipping up one of her favorite meals.  She is sure to appreciate it.  Even better if you let her eat it while it's hot!

4. Buy her her favorite bottle of wine.  Wine cures all.  And if she's worried about drinking alcohol while breastfeeding, just refer her to this article.

5. Make her a cup of coffee, let her drink it while it's hot.  Most days she probably has to reheat the cup of coffee at least one time for each kid in the household.  Make her a nice hot cup and take the baby off her hands for awhile so she can enjoy it while it's piping hot.

6. Give her a massage.  And don't expect to get any action afterwards.  If it happens, good for you, but she pushed a human being out of her hoo-ha and might not want anything else in there for awhile.

7. Bring her snacks when she breastfeeds.  Breastfeeding is time consuming, exhausting and not always easy.  Moms can find themselves trapped under that adorable baby for hours while her nipples are getting sucked on until their raw.  Breastfeeding also takes up a lot of bodily energy and requires some extra fueling and hydration.  Support her breastfeeding endeavors by helping her with snacks and drinks while she's breastfeeding.

8. Run some of the errands.  Help take some of the load off mom by running some of the household errands, like grocery shopping.  Even though you'd like for the world to stop so you can spend every waking moment soaking in the cuddles of a sleeping newborn, the errands still have to be run and dishes have to be washed... which brings us to number nine.

9. Help with household chores.  Keeping up with a household requires a lot of work.  Dishes need to be cleaned, floors swept, surfaces dusted, toilets scrubbed.  Doing a few of the household tasks is sure to make your wife happy.

10. Tell her she's doing a great job (and that she's pretty.) Say it sincerely and say it often.  Every mom needs to hear this, whether they've been a mom for days or years.

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