10 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms No One Tells You About

Everyone knows about the nausea, fatigue, sore boobs and hemorrhoids that can come with a pregnancy. But there are a few pregnancy symptoms they don't tell you about.

1. Nose Bleeds. Pregnancy increases your blood supply.  Couple that with hormones dilating blood blood vessels and you end up with a 20% chance of getting nose bleeds, particularly in your second trimester and beyond.  So don't panic if your nose springs a seemingly random leak.

2. Skin Tags.  Skin tags may pop up, particularly in the genital region.  Though harmless, they can be annoying and unsightly.  You might be able to remove them yourself or ask your OB to do it during a checkup.

3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  You may develop some intense pain in your wrists and hands.  Unfortunately, this symptom may stick around for months after giving birth.

4. Itchy Skin.  With a growing belly comes itchy skin.  Some moms may develop severe itching as a result of a liver problem known as intrahepatic cholestasis which would require a visit to the doctor.

5. Bloody Gums. Thanks to the increased blood supply and dilated blood vessels can also cause your gums to bleed whenever you brush or floss.  It is recommended to get a dental cleaning and exam during your pregnancy.

6. Acne. It can look like you're going through puberty all over again with the acne that can pop up all over your body.  Thanks a lot hormones!

7. Vivid Dreams. Pregnancy comes with all kinds of crazy vivid dreams. Whether you birth a puppy or have some naughty encounters, it can be fun to write down all your dream time escapades to look back on.

8. Lumpy Armpits. You will start to develop colostrum which will cause your breasts to get even bigger and possibly leak.  You may find lumps in your armpits which are actually milk ducts filling with colostrum.

9. Darkening Skin. Your areolas will get dark (and huge!), you may also develop random dark patches of skin on your body and a dark line down your belly known as linea nigra.  Fortunately, the dark line eventually goes away as with most of the dark patches.

10. Leaking Everywhere.  You may leak colostrum from your boobs, discharge from your nether region and maybe some pee when you sneeze.  Some women even have bloody discharge similar to a period throughout their pregnancy.  And don't get too excited about not having a period for 9 months, because your body will more than make up for it with the postpartum bleeding which can sometimes last for 6+ weeks.

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