Cluster Feeding

Cluster feeding is when babies bunch together feeds close together at certain times of the day, commonly, but not always, in the evenings.  It's perfectly normal for babies to do this especially in their first few months of life or when they are approaching a growth spurt.

Why Does it Happen

Cluster feeding stimulates your body to produce more milk.  This is why it commonly happens before growth spurts and why it is important to never supplement with a bottle.   Supplementing will signal your body to produce less milk.

What to Expect

Cluster feeding commonly occurs during a baby's fussy period so they may latch, unlatch, fuss and then re-latch. Though it may feel like it, cluster feeding is NOT a sign of low supply.  Some babies may nurse every hour on the hour, or even nurse for hours on end.  It can be hard on your nipples, especially in the beginning, so keep the lanolin or coconut oil handy.


  • It can be hard to get anything done during cluster feeds, so enlist the help of your spouse or someone else to fetch things for you or help with household tasks. 
  • Prepare for cluster feeding by going to the bathroom first and getting yourself something to drink and snack on while you are cluster feeding.
  • Get comfy on the couch, rocking chair or in bed with your little one.  Use nursing pillows to keep the strain off your back.  Get a FREE nursing pillow here.
  • Get your favorite show or movie geared up on the TV to watch while cluster feeding.
  • Babywearing in a nursing compatible baby carrier can help you to be hands free during cluster feeds.

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