The Ultimate Pregnancy To-Do List by Month

Pregnancy is an exciting time filled with anticipation.  Throughout those 40 weeks of pregnancy there are a number of things you can do for yourself and for your little one to keep you both happy, healthy and prepared.  We've broken it down by month to make this list easy to tackle step-by-step.

Month 1

[  ] Take a pregnancy test (or two) to confirm
[  ] Find an obstetrician in your insurance network and schedule your first appointment (usually around 8 weeks)
[  ] Start taking prenatal vitamins ASAP if you are not already
[  ] Stop smoking, drinking and taking certain medications, consult your doctor first
[  ] Find out what your insurance covers regarding pregnancy and children
[  ] Adjust budget for new expenses and savings for the arrival of your little one
[  ] Start photographing your baby bump to see how it grows

Month 2

[  ] Find ways to beat morning sickness
[  ] Start thinking up names and discussing with your partner
[  ] Consider finding an online or local community of women due around your due date
[  ] Get lots of rest, the first trimester is particularly exhausting
[  ] Write down any questions for your OB at your first visit
[  ] Be sure to consume enough water and adequate nutritional calories
[  ] Make an appointment for a dentist visit

Month 3

[  ] Research labor and delivery and start thinking about a birth plan
[  ] Make sure to get in 30 minutes of light to moderate exercise a day
[  ] Start shopping for maternity clothes
[  ] During this month your doctor will probably perform a Chronic Villus Sampling (CVS), Nuchal Translucency Screening (NT) and chromosomal disorder screening
[  ] You may get to hear your baby's heartbeat with the fetal doppler

Month 4

[  ] Decide how to tell your friends, family and employer about your pregnancy; many choose to wait until now due to a decreased risk of miscarriage
[  ] Plan to take a babymoon, a vacation before the baby arrives, to spend some time with your significant other, sometime before 36 weeks
[  ] Start planning your maternity leave and find out your company's policy
[  ] Decide if you want to know the sex of the baby

Month 5

[  ] Get an ultrasound at your doctor's appointment
[  ] Narrow down your list of baby names
[  ] Start planning your nursery
[  ] Sign up for classes for childbirth, prenatal breastfeeding and/or newborn care
[  ] Start interviewing pediatricians
[  ] Start researching and interviewing daycares or nannies for childcare

Month 6

[  ] Tour hospital or birth center where you will be having your baby
[  ] Work with your baby shower host to plan part logistics 
[  ] Register for gifts
[  ] Order your exclusive Coffee and Wine Mom FREEBIES
[  ] Get tested for gestational diabetes
[  ] Find a doula, if you wish to use one

Month 7

[  ] Write your birth plan, but know that things rarely go according to plan
[  ] Enjoy your baby shower
[  ] Start preparing the baby's nursery
[  ] Know and watch for signs of premature labor
[  ] Take maternity pictures

Month 8

[  ] Pack your hospital bag
[  ] Purchase any necessary baby items you don't already have
[  ] Research newborn care
[  ] Get tested for Group B Strep (GBS)
[  ] Send thank you notes from your baby shower

Month 9

[  ] Put finishing touches on the baby's nursery
[  ] Get your car seat installed and checked
[  ] Get a haircut
[  ] Prepare and freeze meals for easy use after baby's arrival
[  ] Wash all of baby's clothes and bedding
[  ] Clean the house
[  ] Have a baby!

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