5 Ways Dad can Bond with Baby

Sometimes dads can start to feel a little left out of the bonding process, especially if mom is breastfeeding.  However, there are innumerable ways for dad to bond with his little one and mom is sure to appreciate seeing the bond grow.

  1. Participate in bath time.  Bath time is a great time to play with new toys, splash around and of course, get clean.  Dad can take over bath times or participate by hoping in the bath with baby.  Just try to make it an enjoyable experience for your little one.

  2. Give your baby an infant massage. Infant massage is a great tool for any caregiver to bond with the baby.  Gentle strokes aid in baby's emotional development, improves sensory awareness and stimulates digestion.  It can be a great routine before baby's bed time to help them relax.

  3. Take over some feedings.  When mom and baby are ready to introduce bottles, this is the perfect time for dad to jump in to the feeding time.  Amp up the bonding experience by holding baby close like mom does while breastfeeding and spend time making eye contact with your little one.  Mom might especially appreciate it if you take over some of the night feeds. Check out our tips for introducing a bottle to a breastfed baby before you get started. 

  4. Babywear.  Babywearing is a fun way to bond with your baby.  It soothes your little one while helping the caregiver to be more in tune with baby's needs.  It has numerous benefits for both baby and babywearer.  Find out what type of baby carrier is best for you.

  5. Communicate regularly.  Baby's communicate in a number of ways, body language, eye contact cries, coos, etc.  Take the time to communicate back with your little one.  Sing, whistle, read stories and just talk to them.  Taking the time to communicate regularly will lead to enhanced development for your baby and a lasting bond between baby and dad.

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