Baby's Firsts

Before our daughter was born, my husband and I daydreamed together about what her first words would be and when she would take her first steps.  We couldn't wait for those moments, but the truth is there are so many firsts that stole our hearts even before she was born.

The first time we heard her heart beat.

The first time my husband could feel her kick.

The first time she latched on to the breast and sounded like a little goat sucking down the milk.

The first time she fell asleep on my chest.

The first time she noticed her own feet, her eyes and mouth opened wide.

The first time she smiled.

The first time she laughed.

The first time she held a toy.

The first time she crawled into my lap for comfort.

The first time she gave me a high five.

The first time she had a bite of solid food.

These are the firsts that will always hold a special place in my heart.  The memories that I hope never fade away.  And I look forward to many more firsts.

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Maddi Casey is a muscle car driving, hard working mama who is obsessed with football and good beer. She has two beautiful baby girls and loving husband. Writing is a passion, hobby and sometimes career of hers at She is also passionate about animals, nature and entrepreneurship.
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