Dealing with Teething Pain

Teething is not a fun experience for babies or their parents.  Babies will often be fussy, drool, chew on objects, have trouble sleeping and even develop a slight fever.  There are a few ways to relieve the pain for your baby.

  • Gum massage.  Rub your baby's gums with a clean finger or baby gum massaging product.  Many babies get relief from the pressure.
  • Cold. Chilled teething rings, frozen wash cloths, ice or frozen fruit in a mesh baby feeder are all great ways to help numb the teething pain. Cold carrots are great for chewing on once baby has started solids.
  • Baltic Amber.  There is much debate over Baltic amber and whether or not there's any scientific basis for it healing teething pain, but many parents swear by it.  The theory is that Baltic amber contains succinic acid, which is released against the warmth of baby's skin and naturally relieves pain.
  • Over-the-Counter Medicine.  Always check with your child's pediatrician before administering any medications.  If your child is in pain and needs relief (especially if they have developed a low fever), then the doctor might recommend some baby tylenol to help relieve the pain.

Remember, once baby's teeth appear it's important to start brushing them!

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