Dumb Things People Say to Babywearers and Why They're Wrong

Unfortunately, as with all things baby related, everyone seems to have an opinion and no one can keep it to themselves.  While babywearing has been around for centuries and has numerous benefits for both parents and babies, some people feel the need to express their negative (and just plain wrong) viewpoint on the matter.  Here are some of the worst things we've heard while babywearing.

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"People these days are so lazy.  Back in my day, we used to carry our kids."

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this one.  How is being efficient equivalent to being lazy?  While babywearing, the baby is close, comfortable and technically still being carried while the wearer's arms are free to accomplish tasks from cleaning to shopping to cooking. Babywearing is anything but lazy.

"Your baby will never learn to walk."

Babywearing has been done for centuries and as far as I know, all those babies who were physically capable, eventually learned to walk.  In fact, babywearing helps babies to develop and strengthen core muscles, thus building up the strength necessary to walk.  Plus, I'm pretty sure being carried in your arms or pushed in a stroller would encourage walking.

"You're spoiling your baby."

You cannot spoil a baby and especially not by wearing them.  Babywearing helps a baby to feel safe and secure while promoting bonding between baby and parent.  There is nothing spoiling about meeting baby's basic need of comfort.

"You're putting your baby in danger.  If you fall you will squish him."

No fall is a good fall, but if you fall while wearing a baby, your arms are free to catch yourself while your little one is attached to you.  If you were carrying your baby in your arms, you risk dropping them and have no way to catch yourself.

Oh no, she doesn't like that at all.
"She doesn't like that."

I was the recipient of this gem.  At an outdoor event my little one was getting fussy so I began to put her in a wrap when an ignorant woman turned around and told me, "She doesn't like that."  First off, a stranger has no clue about the preferences of someone else's baby.  Secondly, within minutes my little one was sound asleep after being put in the wrap.  So in your face rude person!

What stupid comments have you gotten from strangers about babywearing?  Share them in the comments!

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