10 Common Early Signs of Pregnancy

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It is possible to get the first symptoms of pregnancy as soon as two weeks after conception.  Pregnancy tests are most accurate once you've skipped your period, but you're just dying to know whether or not you're pregnant.  Early pregnancy symptoms can commonly be confused for period symptoms.  Here are 10 common early signs of pregnancy.

1. Sore Breasts - Prickling, tingling and overall soreness of the breasts and nipples is often one of the first symptoms experienced in pregnancy.  It happens because of the increased blood flow.  You may also notice they seem bigger than normal.

2. Darkening Areolas - The area around the nipple may get darker and larger and it will continue to do so throughout your pregnancy.  This is due to the surge of hormones in your body as your body is preparing to breastfeed.  It may go back to normal after birth, or not.

3. Fatigue - You may feel totally and completely exhausted, perhaps even sleeping longer and more often.  It's no surprise that creating a human being is an exhausting process for a body to go through especially with all the added hormones.  Don't be afraid to take some extra time out for yourself to sleep, your health is important for baby's health!

4. Cravings - Over 90% of pregnant women experience cravings, particularly in the first trimester.  Experts think that cravings may be our bodies telling us what we need, so don't be afraid to indulge cravings, especially the healthy ones.

5. Sensitivity to Smell - Suddenly bad smells will churn your stomach, even to the point of vomiting.  Or things that once smelled great to you, your favorite lotion or meal, will bring on bouts of nausea.

6. Nausea - Morning sickness is a common complaint of women in their first trimester.  Some women suffer their entire pregnancy, some never experience it, but if you're experiencing nausea and vomiting, it could be an early sign of pregnancy.  Check out our helpful guide: How to Beat Morning Sickness.

7. Spotting - Light bleeding may occur 5-10 days after conception.  This could be implantation bleeding from a fertilized egg implanting into the wall of the uterus.  You may also experience some cramping, which could easily be confused with the coming on of your period.

8. Frequent Urination - If you suddenly find yourself taking more trips to the bathroom, or getting up in the middle of the night to pee, it could be due to the hCG hormone produced during pregnancy.  (This is the hormone that home pregnancy tests determine pregnancy based on.)  Once baby gets big enough, they'll use your bladder as a punching bag anyways so might as well get used to the frequent bathroom trips.

9. Mood Swings - If you find yourself in crying over commercials or snapping at your significant other over silly things, it could be due to the increase in hormones coursing through your body. 

10.  Missed Period - If your period is regular, missing one is a telltale sign that you could have a baby on board.  It's definitely a good time to buy a pregnancy test to find out.  Then check out: I'm Pregnant; Now What? 5 Things to do When You Find Out Your Pregnant.

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