Pregnancy by Month: Month 5

The fifth month of pregnancy includes weeks 17 through 20.  By the end of the fifth month you will officially be half way through your pregnancy.  

Week 17

for Baby:

Your baby has doubled in weight over the past two weeks.  Fat continues to form under the skin which will help keep baby warm when he or she makes an entrance into the world.  This week your baby has mastered some new reflexes such as swallowing, blinking and sucking.  Baby may even get the hiccups which mom can often feel.  Your baby is practicing breathing and his or her circulatory and urinary systems are functioning.

for Mom:

You likely can't hide your growing belly now as your uterus continues to expand.  Round ligament pain may be more persistent as your mid section rapidly grows.  As your uterus pushes your intestines and other organs upward, you may begin to experience heartburn.  

Week 18

for Baby:

Your baby can now stretch, yawn and make facial expressions.  Baby's eyes are sensitive to light and he or she may react to lights being shined on your belly.  Taste buds are forming on baby's tongue.  The inner ear of the baby is forming and baby can now hear your heartbeat and other internal noises.

for Mom:

You can most likely feel baby's movements by now.  Take notes, perhaps in a baby book or scrapbook, to record these special occasions for the future.  Your heart is working up to 50% harder to support your pregnancy so you may find yourself easily out of breath.  However, it's important to continue with a healthy exercise regimen.

Week 19

for Baby:

Your baby's brain is rapidly growing and developing the senses of sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch.  This brain development allows baby to make more controlled and conscious movements.  If you could see your little one now you would see red looking skin as the blood vessels are visible beneath it. Vernix, a creamy white substance, forms a protective coating over the skin.  

for Mom:

Your growing belly may start to bring on some pregnancy discomfort.  You may notice aches in your abdomen, back, legs, ankles and feet along with some mild swelling, which is normal.  If you notice any severe swelling you should contact your doctor immediately.  If you notice some swelling, try elevating your feet and drinking lots of water.

Week 20

for Baby:

Baby can now hear your voice as well as other noises outside of your abdomen.  Many moms enjoy spending time talking to their little one, reading books or even playing music.  Baby is probably doing lots of wiggling, twisting, kicking and punching inside of you.  

for Mom:

You're officially half way through your pregnancy!  At some point between now and 22 weeks you will probably have an anatomy ultrasound where your doctor will check for any abnormalities.  If the baby is in a good position, you should be able to find out the sex of your little one if you want to.

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