How to Make Money with a "Mom Blog"

That's the dream right?  To be able to spend all day with our precious children and somehow find a way to make money in our yoga pants.  Well, that might be the dream for some moms.  It is possible, but it takes time, dedication and effort.  


Banner ads, popups, in-text ads, while annoying to some, can help you put some cash in your pocket.  There are different ways to go about making money from ads on your blog.  Perhaps the easiest way is joining an advertising program, probably the most popular being Google Adsense. Programs like these will give you money based on views and clicks, but don't expect it to cover your bills just yet.  It takes a lot of readership to make decent money with these types of ads, but is easy to ad in just a few lines of code.

A way to make more money from ads is to sell ads directly to advertisers.  This takes a lot more effort in marketing and selling, but the reward is greater.  The amount you can make off selling these ads will vary based on your number of viewers, type of blog, size of the ad etc.  

Affiliate Links

I have found this to be the most lucrative of money making strategies thus far.  Some companies will look for marketing affiliates to sell their products.  The key to this is to find products that relate directly to your blog and thus your readers.  So if you're looking to make money from a mom blog, what are moms likely to buy?  Diapers, toys, children's clothes, books, coffee, wine? (hehe)

Find an affiliate program with products that you can get behind.  The programs often create professional ads for you and let you create your own coupon code, personalized for your blog.  You can place these ads in places around your blog, or even write articles promoting these products.  Every time a person buys something with your code or link, you make a percentage or dollar amount off the sale.  

Sell Something

There are a number of different ways to sell products on your blog.  One option is to make them yourself.  Whether you are handy with a sewing machine or a hot glue gun, you can create some one of a kind crafts that would be useful for moms or babies.  You can sell these items directly on your blog, or use a virtual store front, like Etsy, and advertise your products on your blog.

Another option is to sell someone else's items.  You can buy wholesale items, or find a drop-shipper and list their products for sale directly on your blog.  You can use an online shopping cart and store front to create a simple shop directly on your blog in order to drive sales.


No matter what type of money making strategy you choose, you are going to have to market yourself to gain more readers.  Marketing doesn't have to be expensive or complicated.  Social media is HUGE these days and it's free to set up a page or account on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and others.  Create accounts, follow people related to your blog and share share share your blog articles!  Get involved in online communities where the other moms are who might want to read your articles.  Social media outlets also have options to pay to promote your posts which could help drive traffic to your blog.

Other ways to market yourself: write guest pieces for other related blogs, buy ads to advertise your blog, market directly at events. 

Quality Content

Driving people to your page is one thing, but keeping them there is another.  In order to really get a good, regular readership, you need to have both quality and a large quantity of content.  Make sure posts are well written, interesting, and relate to your blog.  Building up content takes time, but if you put forth the effort, you can see your page views and pocketbook grow.

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