Breastfeeding Tree of Life Art Goes Viral

The latest viral trend for breastfeeding pictures (remember brelfies?) are these intriguing "Tree of Life"  photos. They're created in the PicsArt phone app, using a tree with roots to symbolize the life sustaining act of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding mothers aren't the only ones having fun creating unique images on the app. Bottlefed babies are getting equally beautiful pictures as well.

For a limited time only, Coffee and Wine Mom will make you a tree of life breast or bottle fed picture. Contact us at to find out how.

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Maddi Casey is a muscle car driving, hard working mama who is obsessed with football and good beer. She has two beautiful baby girls and loving husband. Writing is a passion, hobby and sometimes career of hers at She is also passionate about animals, nature and entrepreneurship.
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