How Moms Find Time for Fitness

Moms are some of the busiest people I know. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, working mom, or a work from home mom, I can guarantee your day seems absolutely filled to the brim. As moms, we are so busy taking care of everyone else that it seems the one person we often neglect is ourselves. Taking care of the body through exercise (don't forget your nutrition too!) will not only improve your physical well-being, but your emotional and mental well-being as well. But when can we possibly find time to exercise? Here are a few tips for fitting fitness into your daily routine.

Wake Up Early

Okay, I know most of you just eye-rolled at me and want to discredit this entire article already, but please hear me out. You don't have to wake up much earlier than normal. There are a number of quick workout programs out there that will get the blood flowing. I am currently doing a Bikini Body Mommy Challenge and love it! The videos only last about 25 minutes. In the first 2 weeks of my challenge, I lost 2.5 inches off my midsection! I feel so much stronger and can already do things that I wasn't capable of before. And no, I am in no way affiliated with BBM, but I do enjoy the workouts. Best of all, it's totally free! As a self-proclaimed penny pincher, you won't find me paying for workouts when there's YouTube videos available. 

I thought there was no way I could wake up earlier to exercise, but when I did, I loved it! I had some peace and quiet, there was no toddler or baby to contend with, and afterwards, I sipped my coffee in peace while watching one of my favorite shows. Working out truly gives me an energy boost through the day. And you don't have to wake up early every day to work out. You could wake up early only on workdays, or every other day, or however it fits into your schedule and then on the other days, find different ways to fit exercise in.

Nap Time

One of my favorite times to work out is during my baby's morning nap. That way, I'm not worried about her being underfoot or crying for my attention. I'm able to put a show on for my toddler and just focus on myself for a little bit. I've found that if I don't exercise during nap time, I often will just sit there on my phone checking Facebook. While there's nothing inherently wrong with that, I prefer to make the most of nap time and take care of myself. It's during my baby's second nap that I usually tend to household chores, or I do them while babywearing, so my house is not getting neglected while I focus on my fitness. 

Lunch Break

If you're a working mom, you could put your lunch break to good use. If you get a full hour, consider bringing yourself a light, healthy meal, and then spending part of that time to workout. Many office buildings these days have a gym and some companies offer incentives for using it. Take full advantage of these opportunities. Exercising in the middle of the day can help you get through the afternoon slump with more energy. It may also help you to focus on eating healthier at lunch time.

Get a Jogging Stroller

Another option for exercising is to go for walks or jogs and bring the kiddos right along with you. The fresh air and sunlight will do everyone some good. You could do this virtually any time of day and the stroller ride may even get the kids to relax or nap. You could go to a park or even just around the neighborhood. Every bit of cardio helps.

After Bedtime

This is not my favorite time to exercise. I have found that by this time I'm already exhausted, full from dinner and less motivated. However, if the only opportunity you have to workout is after the kids are in bed, then by all means, take full advantage of it. An evening workout is much better than no workout at all. You may even prefer it. The whole point is to just motivate you to find some time to fit fitness into your routine.

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